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Fluorescent Deluxe Full Aquarium Hood

$55.99 $45.99

Product Description

Enhance your aquarium set-up with the Flourescent Deluxe Full Aquarium Hood. This hood is designed to easily fit all-glass aquariums, and features a custom fit on the inside lip that helps to reduce evaporation. You will love the easy access in the front as well as the cut-out section in the rear that allows for the installation of heaters and other accessories.



  • Full-length door provides easy access to the aquarium in front
  • Cut-out section in the rear allows for the installation of heaters, power filters and other popular accessories
  • Helps reduce evaporation thanks to its custom fit on the inside lip of your aquarium’s frame
    Includes: Full spectrum fluorescent lamp
    Intended For: All-glass aquariums
    Color: Black
    Size: 20 in, 24 in and 30 in sizes


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