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Connectable Guinea Pig Small Animal Habitat

$74.99 $62.49

Product Description

Provide your guinea pig with the perfect living environment with this Connectible Habitat Guinea Pig Start-Up Kit. This habitat is spacious, and has the ability to connect to other cages for even more living space. It also features a water bottle, food dish, ramp, hiding space and more.

Features: Provides secure space for exploration and exercise, Large front and top doors allow for easy cleaning, Integrated shelf with ramp and hideout hut


  • 2 Connector Clips
  • 4 Cage Clips
  • 1 Shelf/Ramp Hideout Combo
  • 1 Glass Water Bottle
  • 1 Hay Manger
  • 1 Food Dish
    Intended Pet(s): Guinea Pig
    Color: White, Green
    Product Dimensions: 30 in L x 18 in W x 16.5 in H
    Capacity: 1 Pet
    Caution: To avoid injury, remove the pet’s collar prior to use. Contains small parts.


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